How Wsafar Start?

Giti Samaneh Novin Shargh (Wsafar brand) has started since 2014. Wsafar’s purpose is to facilitate the reservation process by implementation of new methods of IT science. Wsafar has furnished travel agencies by B2B Service.
Wsafar operates in reserving of international hotel. Nowadays, technological advances in IT have increased the level of expectation of tourists about the speed and how they received services from the travel agencies. According to this situation, Wsafar has responded with profit of using IT science and creative new methods in Information Technology.
The Wsafar system is designed to provide online services emphasizing the use of IT science in the booking of foreign hotels and the provision of online tourism services, so that users (travel agencies) can enjoy the quality of online and high-quality service, as well as the possibility to pay reservations of foreign hotels are provided instantly and in Rial in the Wsafar system.


Using modern knowledge
Accelerate the business procedure of travel agencies‌ها
Providing online services
24 support


Make evolution in the process of foreign hotel reservation by implementation IT


Facilitate the process of hotels reservation‌
Professional cultivation

Why Wsafar?

Best Price
One of the most important purpose of Giti (Wsafar) for it’s customers is to offer different services in the highest quality. Wsafar company is able to provide the best price of foreign hotels for travel agencies because of it’s partnership by international chain hotels.
New methods of IT in reservation
Wsafar, by applying new methods of IT in hotel reservation, has made it possible to access the international hotels around the world and this leads to facilitate the reservation procedure.
Comprehensive Database
Wsafar system, by focusing on new ways based on IT science has made it available to access to the information which is related to the hotels including: hotel information, hotel facilities and etc.
Payment online services
It has been proceeded to pay the cost online and in Rial via Wsafar system. Then there wouldn’t be no limitation in reservation system.

Your trust, Our Priority

By expanding online services, many users are looking for collections which can easily support the services of the institutions and make it more convenient to book and book hotels. The Wsafar system, with it’s knowledge of IT, offers professional and technological solutions to the process of hotel reservation, and has also been able to actively and efficiently deliver services to it’s customers through it’s partnership with the main supplier of hotel services worldwide.
Wsafar, Web Services for foreign hotels